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DJ Complete Formation Ang.

NEW PROGRAM 20 weeks Formation (50h)

  • A commencé le 20 sept.
  • 1 525 dollars canadiens
  • Rue Hochelaga

Description du service

New Program  20 lessons (50h of formation) (2,5h) / 1x week. 1525$  / COMPLETE FORMATION Including 100$ inscription fees * Music lessons are exempt from taxes! Theses ''semiprivate'' small class, are the best and the cheapest way to learn, collaboration being an improved choice in pedagogy... You'll get new music, lesson plans, exercises, assignments, tests... & a final exam. If you are deemed qualified, we will award you a diploma upon completion. We have several pro stations at your disposal and our teachers are accompanied by two qualified assistants, in order to properly supervise our students during DJ lessons. Our rooms are all equipped with high definition studio monitors and are soundproofed according to official plans of the industry standard. We work with the best possible tools. (CDJ 2000 NX2, DJM 900 NX2, Technic SL-1200, Rane 70, Rane One, Rekordbox, Serato and more!) Our students are thus trained and ready to work with the standard established by clubs and promoters of major events. Table of contents: 1: Introduction, presentation of the equipment 2: Counting beats, mix of bases 3: Transition + bass switching 4: Frequencies, sound and audio qualities 5: Universe??!!, the cuts, FX 101 6: Revision, Rekordbox, urban cut 7: Synchronization by ear (beat matching) 8: Mixing in harmony: music theory 101 and study of the camelot system. 9: Vinyl mode, riding the pitch, back spin! 10: Turntable Class: Vinyl Scratch 101 11: Reviews, tips and tricks, music history. 12: Rhythmic Study, FX 102 13: Scratch 102 + Beat Juggling 14: Tone play + Drumming 15: Preparing a DJ set, recording, editing 16: Turntablism / CDJ + advance special tricks 17: Video streaming / OBS / YOUTUBE 18: Promotion, create your brand, image, logo, social networks, D.I.Y agency 19: Mega review, preparation for the final exam 20: Final exam: theoretical and practical evaluation.

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  • 2840 Rue Hochelaga, Montréal, QC, Canada

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